Weight Loss and Carbs

You may or may not be diabetic. However, the “diabetic diet” is a good all around eating plan for all of us. The typical American Diets is very heavy on fats, carbs and salts. “Carbs” or carbohydrates include grains and sugars in all forms.

When I was doing a lot of diabetic teaching, I would frequent the diabetic web sites for information. It was very inlightening. (more…)

Weight Loss: Difficult Dieting

Do you give up when the going gets tough? When you are stressed out are you heading for the Star Bucks drive thru for the 3rd frappe of the day? That is just as bad as the multiple martini’s at five o’clock.

Life is busy! In fact it is too busy. This “busy-ness” will be the excuse (more…)

Weight Loss, Keep that Goal In Sight!

“I’m going to lose weight, this year!” “I will be in my bikini by summer!” “Twenty pounds by the wedding.” “Size 10 for the gala.” “Slim for Santa.” Then we are into the New Year resolutions. Have you lost any weight yet? (more…)