Last Minute Gift Ideas

Guest Post by Jen Malik

I’ve never been one to get my Christmas shopping done ahead of time. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until it’s really time. I got a good chuckle when I was in a grocery line earlier this month and the cashier told me (it was DECEMBER 4!!!), “I’m going to finish my last-minute Christmas shopping tomorrow.”


Last minute? (more…)

Do Diet Pills Work?

Do diet pills or supplements work? Is it even possible to use a supplement to help lose weight and maintain your new weight? Would you want to do this?

We are an instant gratification nation of people. I want what I want, when I want it. This holds true for diets and weight loss. We can fall prey to the instant fix… (more…)

Healthy Weight and Nutrition

 Did you ever stop think about the role of nutrition, health and healthy weight? Probably not. Nutrition is the daily intake of food and nourishment to attain and maintain health through all the stages of life, birth through our senior years

 In the early 70’s, I taught all my heart patients about diet and exercise. I was the “kooky nurse”. I believe more than ever, when we get sick, we need to get back in the kitchen (more…)

Weight Loss and Meditation

 Can meditation or quiet reflection aid in weight loss? Absolutely.

 You may never have considered meditation. Life is fast. We are moving and thinking fast on the job. We move fast to get the house cleaned, dinner on the table, the shopping done, care of our spouse and children or grand children. When we sit down, we watch TV and fall asleep. (more…)