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Weight Loss: Difficult Dieting

Do you give up when the going gets tough? When you are stressed out are you heading for the Star Bucks drive thru for the 3rd frappe of the day? That is just as bad as the multiple martini’s at five o’clock. Life is busy! In fact it is too busy. This “busy-ness” will be […]

Health & Wellness: Are you well Spiritual? Part 4

Health and wellness, big topic. So far we have looked at physical, emotional, and mental wellness. But the picture is not complete. How are you…. Spiritually? Did you ever think of that spiritual aspect of yourself? You are in fact a Spiritual being who is having a human experience!

Health & Wellness: Are You Well Mentally? Part 2

Yesterday we looked at wellness from the physical point of view. I discussed foods, diet choices, exercise. Today let’s look at our Mind health. The mind has to do with thinking. No big news there. How are you thinking. Is your mind clear? Are you distracted or stressed out?