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Trade a sugar-sweetened beverage for water, no-sugar-added juice

I participate in a Daily Challenge by Me and You Health. It is fun and thought provoking. I think that I live a very healthy life-style. This makes me think about what I do on a daily bases. Today’s challenge was: Trade a sugar-sweetened beverage for water, no-sugar added juice or skim or low-fat milk. […]

Weight Loss and Teeth

If you want to lose weight you need to have good choppers. Good chopper ya say? Yep, you need good teeth. Did you know that digestion starts in the mouth? You need your teeth to bite food as well as chewing and grinding the food. Food needs to be ground and mixed well with saliva. […]

Weight Loss and Carbs

You may or may not be diabetic. However, the “diabetic diet” is a good all around eating plan for all of us. The typical American Diets is very heavy on fats, carbs and salts. “Carbs” or carbohydrates include grains and sugars in all forms. When I was doing a lot of diabetic teaching, I would […]