Trade a sugar sweeten beverage for low fat or skim milk part 2

Yesterday I responded to a daily challenge that I participate in regularly. The challenge was to trade a sugar sweetened beverage for a no added sugar juice, water or low fat or skim milk. Yesterday I spoke on the juice part of that challenge.

Sugar is not our friend. It may taste yummy. It may give you an energy pick-me-up, but only temporarily. There is sugar in milk. But I think that fat was the issue here.

There is a lot of discussion around the milk issue. Should be drink milk? Some say you can’t have a healthy diet without drinking milk. Some say you can’t be healthy if you drink milk. Both sides have good arguments. You can be healthy either way. So the decision is yours.

Milk can be a good source of nutrients, vitamins, calcium and fats. There is a movement away from the low fat and skim milk towards regular milk. Our body’s need a small amount of saturated fats found in milk, cream and butter.

Dr Mercola has 7 reasons to eat a small amount of saturated fat daily.

Heart Health: saturated fats decreases lipoprotein, a risk factor for heart disease. Also women who include some saturated fats in their diets, will lose more weight than women who do not. Excess weight is a risk factor for heart disease.

Bone Health: the body needs some saturated fat for calcium absorption and integration into bone.

Liver Health: saturated fats protect the liver from drugs like acetaminophen and alcohol.

Healthy Lungs: There is a surfactant that protects the lungs from bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollution etc. This surfactant is made up of 100% saturated fatty acids. If you do not have enough saturated fats in your diet, you jeopardize your lung health.

Brain: Our brains are made up of cholesterol and saturated fats. You need saturated fats for your brain to function well.

Metabolism: saturated fats effect the nervous signaling system for things like the release of insullin.

Immune Health: White blood cells need fatty acids to be able to recognize and destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

So there you have it. A good diet can have whole milk, cream and butter. Also coconut oil is a good source for good saturated fats. If you can get raw milk, cream and butter, better yet.

Here is to your health, one healthy choice at a time.

Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN, MS

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